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W-Lamp The Family Lamp

W-Lamp The Family Lamp

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Introducing the W-Lamp - Crafted in Italy from FSC Board

W-Lamps are a collection of exquisite and environmentally conscious lighting fixtures, thoughtfully designed and crafted in Italy using FSC board. FSC, which stands for Forest Stewardship Council, represents a commitment to sustainable forestry and responsible sourcing, making these lamps not only visually appealing but also an eco-friendly choice for the conscious consumer.

As you turn on the W-Lamp, a heartwarming scene comes to life, depicting a family and their faithful four-legged companion. The warm glow emanating from the lamp envelopes the delightful image, infusing your living space with an inviting and comforting atmosphere. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or any shared family space, the W-Lamp transforms your home into a haven of love and happiness.

With a commitment to sustainable practices and a focus on design excellence, these lamps are a perfect choice for those seeking to illuminate their homes with elegance, sophistication, and environmental responsibility. Join the W-Lamp Family today and brighten your world while contributing to a greener tomorrow.

The original W-LAMP - made in Italy

Each lamp is handmade in Italy using FSC certified sustainable card and can be personalised with a message on the back to make it even more unique and precious.

Dimensions: 32x10.3x10.3cm