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Vin Bouquet Professional 2 Lever Cork Screw - Have To Have It NZ

Vin Bouquet Professional 2 Lever Cork Screw

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While wine might not be a modern thing, there are plenty of modern-day contraptions used to accentuate its flavor, store it, pour it, and much more. And Vin Bouquet is in the business of it all! This Professional Two Lever Corkscrew uses both a screw and anchoring lever system to assist in removing corks from wine bottles, with less effort than a traditional corkscrew.
  • Made from metal with Teflon coating.
  • Lever latches onto the top of the bottle to assist in removing the cork.
  • Foil cutter.
  • Classic professional grade bottle opener
  • Fitted with foil cutter to safely remove foil tops