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Copy of Appetito 30ml Flavor Injector - Have To Have It NZ

Appetito 30ml Flavor Injector

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Ensure succulent, delicious meat every time with the Appetito Flavour Injector. Perfect for flavouring roasts, poultry, pork and steak from the inside out, the injector can be used to baste the surface of meat as well as to inject liquors into cakes and puddings. Simply add your favourite spices or rubs to butter, wine, beer or stock bases to create your own marinades.



1. Ensure the O-ring on the piston is lightly coated with cooking oil before use.

2. Attach needle to outside tip of injector by turning counterclockwise (don’t overturn).

3. Pull piston upwards to draw marinade into injector (make sure both holes on needle shaft are immersed to avoid air entering the cylinder).

4. Create a geometrically-centred injection point in the meat with one deep, straight needle track and two additional tracks branching out from the original point.

5. To ensure even distribution of marinade, inject while pulling the needle slowly out of the meat. Repeat for each track.

6. For steaks, inject the marinade through the sides of the meat after it has been wrapped in cling wrap.

  • 30ml capacity.
  • Perfect for flavouring meat.

Handwash only.